Managed Website Hosting

Keep your website running smoothly with no worries

Quality managed hosting – without breaking the bank

Many clients come to us because they are paying good money for a hosting plan, but really have no idea what they are getting. More importantly, the results they get from their site are unacceptable.

Quality User Experience

Within about 10 seconds, your visitors form an opinion about your business – based on the quality of their user experience.

Malware Prevention and Removal

Has your website ever been hacked? It is a terrible feeling and if you are not diligent it can happen.

What is Important to YOU?

We asked business owners what is important to them when it comes to their website.

We Can Help

If you are frustrated with your current website provider, let’s talk.

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Hello, I’m Joe! 👋

For the past 15 years I have been designing websites and providing website hosting services to small and medium size businesses.

Do you feel like your website should be doing more to grow your business? We can help with that.

Whether your current website hosting service is not serving your needs or you are just starting out and just want someone to provide a pragmatic plan to leverage the Internet – let’s talk.

glossyMATTER Designs was formed about 10 years ago to help businesses leverage the power of the Internet. Many of our clients just need a basic website without all of “bells and whistles”. This is one of our specialties. And, as your business grows, so do your website needs – we help you strategize and execute plans to expand your web capabilities.

Here is my promise to you: If glossyMATTER cannot provide the right service that fits your needs, we will NOT try and sell you. We will be up front and transparent with that. If we can steer you in the right direction, we will.

It all starts with a no-obligation, 15 minute call.