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Rocks, pebbles and sand

Watch THIS thought provoking, short reel, then consider the following:

  • First, make sure that building your relationship with Jesus is the first “big rock”
  • Then, evaluate how you spend your time against the message from the reel
  • Lastly, consider developing a relationship with someone you respect, and has your best interests at heart – ask for their thoughts and consultation on a regular basis

The BEST Motivational Speech I have EVER heard

Watch THIS INCREDIBLE commencement speech from US Navy Admiral William H. McRaven, one of the most decorated US commanders.

Start the day with a task completed

Find someone to help you through life

Respect everyone

Life is not always fair, move forward

Don’t be afraid to fail often

Take risks

Face down bullies

Step up when times are toughest

Lift up the downtrodden

Never give up

5 Great Life Lessons

HEREĀ  are some pretty good life lessons from Simon Sinek.

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