Need help with your website?

glossyMATTER provides web services for those who…
  • would like a full service experience without the full service price tag
  • want your website to look beautiful and perform well
  • want to ensure your website is protected from hackers
  • want to focus on your message rather than the technology

We specialize in managing websites for small businesses – for owners and managers that don’t want to do it themselves.

What is important to YOU

Ask business owners what is important to them when it comes to their website.

We have, and here is what you said:

  • My site needs to be attractive, functional and perform well
  • I want protection from hackers
  • I don’t want to have to understand the technology
  • I want affordable options, clearly laid out, so I can choose the right level of service



glossyMATTER exists to help you leverage the power of the internet without breaking the bank.


Provide a quality full service web solution with a DIY price tag.

Core Values

  • We do not despise small beginnings

(we believe in establishing a foundation of quality then build something beautiful)

  • We are committed to educating you before you purchase our services

(we want you to understand the value)

  • Our operating philosophy – Listen, Clarify, Suggest, Execute

(we listen first, ask clarifying questions, offer alternatives then deliver)

Don't know exactly what you need…Let's talk
per month

If you are not really sure what you need – we can provide guidance

We provide clear and affordable options

Everything you need
for a high performing, attractive website

Save time (and time = $) – you are not spending time on the technology…we are

Reduce your operating costs – our services are reasonably priced

à la carte services – domain names, SSL certificates, website migrations, etc.

Software and operating system updates, firewall protection, website security, etc. – we handle it all

99.9% uptime

Nightly backups keep your content safe and secure

Our website templates are responsive – they look GREAT on any device

Your site is scanned every day for malware, and we have a team of engineers working around the clock to help if there is a problem

Superb performance – we use the Content Delivery Network (CDN) to be lean and mean

Technology updates – we are constantly updating and improving our code

Lots of disc space – *no hard and fast limits to how much space you have

*If disc usage interferes with performance, we will discuss options

We hear this a lot

I have a website, but I have no idea what I am paying for. All I know is that it costs me more each year and I am frustrated because I feel like my web guy (or gal) doesn’t explain anything to me.

Unfortunately this is not an uncommon story.

So we offer à la carte – only pay for what you need

Clear and straight forward pricing

We will discuss all options with you and help you choose what you need.

Here is what is required for your website

Option Cost/Frequency
self managed customer paid
gM managed $25/year
Option Cost/Frequency
Managed – text updates to 2 pages per month $35/Month
Custom TBD
Option Cost/Frequency
gM managed $100/Year

Here is what is optional

Cost Frequency
$50 hourly – estimate will be provided
TBD estimate along with options will be provided
*Estimates along with options will be provided
Service Cost
Text updates to existing pages $25/hour – after any updates that are included in hosting plan *minimum 1 hour
New page creation $50/hour *minimum 1 hour +new page creation is not included in hosting plan
*Estimates along with options will be provided
Images and Illustration
Social Media
Content Editing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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